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claustral, cloistral

Pertaining to a cloister.
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Located in the business district of London, the failed South-Sea House, now so quiet, strikes Elia as having "an indolence almost cloistral.
The characteristics of this institution (its long standing establishment, the autonomy of the monastery, the presence of three categories of nuns in the community, and the cloistral life complicated by the demands of teaching) are known to the numerous women they recruit to fulfill the teaching needs.
Returning to home base Taipei after a sojourn in Tokyo to make his Ozu homage Cafe Lumiere (2003), Hou produced a portmanteau film that serves as a retrospective of his career, each of its three stories recalling a successive period of Hou's cinematic development; the respective locations (rural, cloistral, urban) and epochs (1966, 1911, 2005) in which each tale is set mirror crucial aspects of an important work in three periods of the director's career.