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Kits will include cables, brackets, cloning software and an HDD enclosure.
Due to limitations in their Ghost cloning software, Watson maintained 25 to 30 different Master Image files.
As for cloning Server hard drives, this Windows Server cloning software is highly recommended; it will clone the entire hard drive for disk upgrading, saving a lot of time to deploy a new hard disk on Windows Server.
The desktop bundle kit includes the SSD, cloning software, cables (SATA data and power), and 3.5" hard-drive mounting brackets and screws,.
EoACA[pounds sterling]We are determined to stimulate the consumer upgrade market through KingstonEoACAOs various upgrade bundle kits that provide cloning software and all of the accessories needed to advance oneEoACAOs desktop or notebook PC from a hard-disk drive to an SSD,EoACA[yen] said Antoine Harb, Business Development Manager- MEA, Kingston Technology.