close air support

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close air support (CAS)

An air action by fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft against hostile targets that are in proximity to friendly forces. This requires detailed integration of each air mission with the fire and movement of those forces. Close air support may be preplanned or immediate.
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BEIRUT: The Lebanese Army has asked the United States for military aid that includes new fixed-wing airplanes to use as close air support while battling extremist militants encamped in the mountains outside Arsal, an official briefed on the request told The Daily Star.
Although the vehicles, weapons, combat conditions, and technologies will change, the vital mission of close air support will always be there, and this book contains "lessons" for anyone interested in that facet of modern warfare.
Joint Publication (JP) 3-09.3, Joint Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Close Air Support, lists eight conditions for effective CAS: (1) effective training and proficiency; (2) planning and integration; (3) command, control, and communications; (4) air superiority; (5) target marking and acquisition; (6) streamlined and flexible procedures; (7) appropriate ordnance; and (8) favorable weather.
On this date, during his helicopter insertion for a reconnaissance and time sensitive targeting close air support mission, Sergeant Chapman's aircraft came under heavy machine gun fire and received a direct hit from a rocket grenade which caused a United States Navy sea-air-land team member to fall from the aircraft.
Most of the sorties support Army ground operations through a mixture of close air support, reconnaissance and pre-planned operations.
B-52 Stratofortresses flying high above the battlefield and loaded to the hilt with JDAMs were regularly called in to provide close air support in addition to their regular missions.
The MPs also said they were "deeply concerned" that the 3,300-strong taskforce lacked sufficient close air support or transport helicopters.
What you see everyday is about 300 combat sorties, close air support, intra-theater airlift, refueling, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, lots of intra-theater airlift to keep trucks off of roads.
Carrier Air Wing 3 was embarked aboard Truman provided close air support and conducted intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions over Iraq.
Such close air support requires timely, well-practiced procedures and communication between ground and air elements.
y , said, ``You're looking at an airfield that can be used for close air support operations in the form of Harrier and RAF tank-busting operations.
Swanson, during his second tour of duty, was called in to provide close air support for allied ground forces that came under heavy enemy fire in Cambodia on February 26, 1971.