close-boarded, close-sheeted

1.Covered with square-edge boards that are laid in close contact with each other, as in roofing or siding.
2. Said of fencing which is completely filled with vertical boards having no spaces between them.
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"The boundary treatment consists of a combination of a close-boarded timber fence and corrugated sheet materials all in quite a poor state."
Close-boarded - Similar to picket but with the vertical pickets closed together to provide a solid fence, these days often with open trellis toppings to add to the ornamental effect.
"Driving along many roads in Middlesbrough, instead of brick walls we are seeing 6ft close-boarded wooden fences being put up.
The car was travelling down Watford Road from Caerphilly Mountain when it hit the streetlight, ploughing into the close-boarded wooden fencing of five houses and the sheds in two of them.
"The reasons for this application revolve around removal of the close-boarded timber fence between Cornhill Crescent and the Inn's eastern car park during 2006.
The Carousel, Dark Lane, Bedworth, elevational changes, new entrance lobbies, extension to car park, high close-boarded fence and beer garden to rear (M.
There are raised flower beds around a front lawn and pathways each side of the property, leading to a mainly lawned rear garden flanked by mature trees and close-boarded fencing.
Discussions will also be held with residents about the barrier, which could be formed by 3m-high close-boarded timber fencing to protect residents from noise.
Part of the park is protected by a six foot close-boarded fence."