closed bidding

closed competitive selection

A competitive process in which the owner (or his representative) limits the lists of bidders on a building contract to those he has selected for bidding.
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Remaining 20 percent of the gas grid will be privatized in an auction with participation of highest bidders in a closed bidding, the municipality said.
Closed bidding involves offering for something without knowing how much others are prepared to pay.
The newspaper cited the official as saying all the projects would be allocated via public auctions or closed bidding rounds.
Summary: All the projects would be allocated via public auctions or closed bidding rounds-says official.
DynCorp had protested against the closed bidding process as well as the use of the Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) contracting vehicle itself, which was intended for technology acquisition rather than civilian police training.
By using the closed bidding method, Mikkelsen would be able to select who is to be invited to the bidding thereby possibly excluding foreign buyers, according to the Danish broadcasting service DR.
"But we changed our mind when we found out it would be closed bidding. Closed bids don't necessarily bother me.
When Shell was contacted a second time about submitting a bid, he was told the owners had decided to go with a closed bidding process.
And in a closed bidding process, they could choose to give the contract to anyone they wanted, even if we were the low bidder.