closed impeller

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The rotating member in a pump consisting of a disk with vanes attached to it; moves liquid by accelerating the liquid radially outward.
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The impeller consists of blades attached to a revolving shaft, which may be fastened between two round plates (a "closed impeller") or may not be so enclosed, but with enough tolerance just to clear the sides of the casing ("open impeller").
Mode]s are available with open or closed impellers and NPT or BSP threaded, flanged or union connections
The PumPac 8000BB Diamond Series is designed for centrifugal pumps and motors where thrust loads are light and radial loads predominate (such as in double-suction pumps and pumps with closed impellers.) The PumPac 8000AAB Triplex Series provide solutions for heavy primary thrust loads.
The wear-resistant closed impellers are made from high-chrome cast iron.