closet pole

closet pole, closet rod

A straight, round rod installed in a clothes closet to hold clothes hangers.
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Inside the henhouse, the perch is made from a clothes closet pole. We cut windows in front and vents in back then covered them with screening I saved when my home windows were replaced.
Now you have solid wood to attach the brackets and the closet pole sockets to.
For $1,000, including materials and labor, her designer removed the closet pole and added an upper covered storage area, a floating middle shelf, and a work surface with an almost-hidden drawer.
The successful WindTunnel upright line has been replicated in a pair of canisters; stick vacs have been upgraded in a bagless Quik-Broom series; and three Caddy Vac uprights have been designed with a detachable holder for tools and hoses that can be hooked on a doorknob or closet pole.
from the back cleat (the halfway point inside the wardrobe) and install closet pole brackets.
The fabric panel has a "window"; sleeves at each end slip over lengths of closet pole attached at each corner.
The 85690, a 5- to 8-foot adjustable tower kit, conforms to any closet in this size range with a sliding telescopic closet pole. It features a laminate tower holding up to five shelves and three poles that can expand hanging space by 50 percent with both a single and double hang side.
The key to this design is a 40" length of 1 1/4" closet pole. I used this as an axis (A) for the legs (B) to pivot on.
For the table and chairs, you will need 2 feet each of 1-by-12, 1 1/4-inch-diameter closet pole, and 1-by-2; two 3-foot lengths of 3/8- and 3/4-inch dowels; and four 1-inch-diameter wooden drawer pulls.
Materials for a two-walled corner closet (24 by 58 by 80 inches) include 5 yards of 60-inch-wide heavy muslin or 3 yards of 7-foot-wide duck canvas, available from awning or sail-making stores; a large spool of thread; two 8-foot lengths of 1 5/16-inch wooden closet pole dowel; two closet pole sockets; five or six #12 eye screws (to secure bottom dowels to the floor, buy four more eye screws plus four screw hooks); about 40 feet of 1/8-inch cotton shade cord; four 1 1/2-inch (3d) finishing nails; a single- and a double-wheel 3/4-inch pulley; a 3-inch cleat; and a large bead with a 1/4-inch hole.
You can complete your own makeover for a surprisingly low cost using closet poles stocked by any building supply outlet.
Our program department visited the construction site often and made suggestions, such as the correct height for closet poles and mailboxes.