closet rod

closet pole, closet rod

A straight, round rod installed in a clothes closet to hold clothes hangers.
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The wire hangers ascend a crooked, collapsed closet rod, which might signify a boy's journey to adulthood.
10 cabinet installation screws 6 1x4 ledger board 1 5mm L-shape shelf pins 56 1-1/8" connector bolts and nuts 12 36" oval closet rod (cut to length with hacksaw) 1 24" oval closet rods (cut to length with hacksaw) 2
This dorm item takes up minimal space on the closet rod and has vertical shelves instead.
If a dress form isn't available, clip two pants hangers to the skirt waistband to keep it open; hang on a closet rod. Beginning at the waistline edge and working around the skirt circumference, and then down, pick up the chiffon fabric, and then place a pin through the chiffon and lining fabrics under the pickup.
Keep all of your dolls and their accessories inside; it even includes a closet rod for extra storage.
Chelle Rose Follette fashioned a noose with her pjyamas, tying one end to a closet rod and the other around her neck.
Installation involves hanging the durable, reinforced nylon MagicHanger on a closet rod. Each MagicHanger holds five garments and up to 20 pounds.
These dorm organizers take up vertical dorm closet space while taking up very little space on the dorm closet rod. These dorm shelves have 6 shelves that the college student can use for sweaters, jeans, shirts, and more.
"If the client goes upstairs and the closet rod breaks, and she runs downstairs and wants [the lead carpenter] to help her, what is he going to do?" Nash asks.
The first, under the Eton label, is a revolving tie rack that mounts over a closet rod. It is designed to hold up to 64 ties while taking up not much more room on the rod than a suit jacket would.
The latest innovation is an on-board tool caddy that can hook on a doorknob or closet rod or remain secured on the vacuum cleaner.