closet rod

closet pole, closet rod

A straight, round rod installed in a clothes closet to hold clothes hangers.
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Electronic upgrades include a new USB outlet added to the bed's headboard, bedside LED lights that facilitate late-night reading, upgraded electrical outlets and a lighted closet rod that makes it easy to select the day's attire.
These dorm organizers take up vertical dorm closet space while taking up very little space on the dorm closet rod.
Keep all of your dolls and their accessories inside; it even includes a closet rod for extra storage.
Chelle Rose Follette fashioned a noose with her pjyamas, tying one end to a closet rod and the other around her neck.
In taped interviews with police, Pulido admitted to slaying the couple, stabbing Sabato Russo with a dagger so fiercely that the tip of the blade broke off in the restaurant owner's skull, then literally caving in Eugenia Russo's head with a wooden closet rod.
Then, use a double hang closet rod that adjusts horizontally and vertically to find the right fit in the closet.
The hanger folds for easy travel, and hangs from any closet rod and fits in any standard closet.
The first, under the Eton label, is a revolving tie rack that mounts over a closet rod.
The latest innovation is an on-board tool caddy that can hook on a doorknob or closet rod or remain secured on the vacuum cleaner.
If you have twice as many clothes as closet rod space, install two rods - one high up, one lower down - to hold everything.
Rail--a 1 3/4-inch closet rod (one side cut flat) nailed to 4 3/4-inch-wide frame--tops panels of laminated safety glass
Versatility: With its unique "4-way hook" and "cord technology", it can be placed behind a door, over the closet rod, on a wall, or even from the ceiling.