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What does it mean when you dream about a closet?

A closet may represent a place to store or hide people or things. Movies and other narratives often show people hiding in a closet. People with an unsavory past are said to have “skeletons in the closet.” In more modern times, the closet has also come to signify the unveiling of previously hidden aspects of the self, as in “coming out of the closet.”


1. A small enclosed storage area.
2. A small private room, often off a bedroom.


The closet in your dream may have emotional, psychological, or physical connotations. Closets are used to store good things that we need as well as useless stuff. Emotionally they hold memories, secrets, precious emotions, and valuable thoughts. Consider all of the details in your dream and try to see the message clearly. Do you need to clean out the closet, come out of the closet, or share the things that you have stored in that closet?
References in classic literature ?
For a long time the two were closeted together, and when at last the giant serving man emerged from the inner office his expression was cast in a smile of sinister satisfaction.
On Monday morning a gentleman of middle age, fashionably but quietly dressed, wearing a flower in his buttonhole, patent boots, and a silk hat which he had carefully deposited upon the floor, was sitting closeted with Miss Penelope Morse.
He was closeted with President Moyer for three hours.
While this idle talk had been going on, des Lupeaulx was closeted in his office with du Bruel, where, a little later, Dutocq joined them.
Miss Blanche was quiet, up stairs, closeted with her maid in her own room.
It is no disparagement to Nicholas to say, that before he had been closeted with the two brothers ten minutes, he could only wave his hand at every fresh expression of kindness and sympathy, and sob like a little child.
He ate his lunch impenetrably, sitting opposite Flora de Barral, and then, on some excuse, closeted himself with the woman whom little Fyne's charity described (with a slight hesitation of speech however) as his "Aunt.
He has been closeted with old Colonel Clancy; but is more often seen talking to the major.
We were also closeted with the Inspector, who begged us by all means to keep the affair secret.
They stayed there closeted about an hour; at the end of which period they had come to a good understanding, and my uncle and I set our hands to the agreement in a formal manner.
Higgs (of the firm of Higgs & Blatherwick, solicitors, Bedford Row) called by appointment, and was ushered into the governor's private room, and closeted there for more than an hour.
When she came back (being first closeted with Miss Twinkleton, in order that anything objectionable in her tidings might be retained by that discreet filter), she imparted to Rosa only, what had taken place; dwelling with a flushed cheek on the provocation her brother had received, but almost limiting it to that last gross affront as crowning 'some other words between them,' and, out of consideration for her new friend, passing lightly over the fact that the other words had originated in her lover's taking things in general so very easily.