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What does it mean when you dream about a closet?

A closet may represent a place to store or hide people or things. Movies and other narratives often show people hiding in a closet. People with an unsavory past are said to have “skeletons in the closet.” In more modern times, the closet has also come to signify the unveiling of previously hidden aspects of the self, as in “coming out of the closet.”


1. A small enclosed storage area.
2. A small private room, often off a bedroom.


The closet in your dream may have emotional, psychological, or physical connotations. Closets are used to store good things that we need as well as useless stuff. Emotionally they hold memories, secrets, precious emotions, and valuable thoughts. Consider all of the details in your dream and try to see the message clearly. Do you need to clean out the closet, come out of the closet, or share the things that you have stored in that closet?
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He had been asked to help to sell a closetful of items which had been forfeited to a New York broker for non-payment of fees or left as unclaimed.
While a marketing degree from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and 12 years of retail experience had prepared her to meet the challenges of business ownership, it was her closetful of bridesmaid dresses and her own wedding experience--combined with the limited local resources for brides-to-be--that led her to create Down the Aisle in Style, a Manchester bridal boutique offering wedding couture and accessories for brides-to-be and their wedding parties.
Wilson has a closetful of Wonderland Cave memorabilia at his home in Bella Vista.
Ginger" Moorhouse would hear herself repeatedly praised for her courage in throwing open the newspaper's closetful of skeletons.
Although initially offering the kind of history Scott critiques as Dora promises to reveal "the entire family's closetful of secrets" (1996, 48), Wise Children is never simply driven by Dora's anger or spite, for it quickly becomes an interrogation of the historical forces and social myths that helped produce her experiences.