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What does it mean when you dream about a closet?

A closet may represent a place to store or hide people or things. Movies and other narratives often show people hiding in a closet. People with an unsavory past are said to have “skeletons in the closet.” In more modern times, the closet has also come to signify the unveiling of previously hidden aspects of the self, as in “coming out of the closet.”


1. A small enclosed storage area.
2. A small private room, often off a bedroom.


The closet in your dream may have emotional, psychological, or physical connotations. Closets are used to store good things that we need as well as useless stuff. Emotionally they hold memories, secrets, precious emotions, and valuable thoughts. Consider all of the details in your dream and try to see the message clearly. Do you need to clean out the closet, come out of the closet, or share the things that you have stored in that closet?
References in classic literature ?
The company was then heard departing; then the door of the closet in which D'Artagnan was, was opened, and Mme.
He said to him: 'I set you free from the closet, set me free from the barrel.
In the meantime, Barnaby closed the window and secured it, and coming to the fireplace, prepared to sit down with his face to the closet.
But it appearing for a certainty that no more was to be had, he retreated with his store; and disgorging the morsels one by one from his pouch, hid them in various corners--taking particular care, however, to avoid the closet, as being doubtful of the hidden man's propensities and power of resisting temptation.
Once during the progress of his meal, he wanted more bread from the closet and rose to get it.
The man glided from the closet, and extinguished the candle.
said Eliza, firmly; "I crept into the closet by Mistress' door tonight, and I heard Master tell Missis that he had sold my Harry, and you, Uncle Tom, both, to a trader; and that he was going off this morning on his horse, and that the man was to take possession today.
She shrugged her shoulders on seeing Raoul, who had listened likewise, issue from the closet.
Then bowing to the two musketeers with his most gracious smile, he re-entered his closet more calmly, for on the departure of De Gondy the uproar had ceased as though by enchantment.
The boys thought of the closet, but their strength was gone.
They also want their closets to be as nice as their wardrobes, often outfitting the space with drawers, dressers, and islands.
A PN reader writes, "Our master bedroom has two six-foot-wide closets.