cloth of gold

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cloth of gold,

fabric woven wholly or partly of gold threads. From remote times gold has been used as material for weaving either alone or with other fibers. In India tapestries were made from gold threads as fine as silk. Cloth of gold was woven on Byzantine looms from the 7th to the 9th cent. and on those of Sicily, Cyprus, Lucca, and Venice in the 10th cent. Some narrow webs were woven in England, as well as palls of gold and silver cloth. Cloths of estate were magnificent gold tissues used to canopy or cover thrones. Baldachin, or fine cloth with gold warp and silk weft, was used ceremonially and also for rich clothing. The use of gold textiles and embroideries in the Middle Ages is illustrated by the pageantry at the meeting of the Field of the Cloth of GoldField of the Cloth of Gold,
locality between Guines and Ardres, not far from Calais, in France, where in 1520 Henry VIII of England and Francis I of France met for the purpose of arranging an alliance.
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 (1520). Gold thread for weaving and embroidery is still made in India, Delhi alone producing many miles per annum, working in the ancient manner. Gold or silver gilt wire is drawn through holes, successively smaller, in a specially devised metal plate, and is used either round or flattened. Modern metallic cloth, known as lamé, is commonly made of a core yarn wound with a thin metal thread, or lamé. Various artificial metallic cloths are also produced.
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If gold is imperishable, then friendship forged amidst cloth of gold was intended never to tarnish.
The 1520 meeting between Franyois I and Henry VIII, now known as the Field of the Cloth of Gold, is well known to many scholars of the period, but as Glenn Richardson points out in this new examination of the event, it is some forty years since it has been the object of dedicated study.
1520: Henry VIII and Francis I of France met in a ceremony at the Field Of The Cloth Of Gold, near Calais.
They would use gold cups, jewels to dress themselves and their tents these were lined with cloth of gold.
name is inscribed on the rolls of the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
Henry VIII, his son, saw himself as a soldier but even on the Field of the Cloth of Gold, battles were becoming more symbolic, at least as far as the participation of the king was concerned.
Thus the magnificent clothes of cloth of gold and crimson velvet that she notes Henry VII ordered for Prince Henry in October 1505 were to be worn at the festivities celebrating what Francis Bacon called the greatest marriage proposal in Christendom, the betrothal of Princess Mary to Charles of Ghent.
HENRY VIII's IS ARGUABLY THE MOST PIVOTAL REIGN of all in English history--and it is probably the most familiar: from primary school, generations of children have been fascinated by the tales of marriages and beheadings, the spectacle of Wolsey's Field of the Cloth of Gold and the vandalism of Cromwell's dissolution of the monasteries.
Hall's descriptions of important spectacles such as the coronation, the Field of the Cloth of Gold, and the great muster of 1539 are given in full, along with numerous smaller entertainments and pageants.
Golden Mossy Saxifrage--Saxifraga Cloth of Gold prefers even moisture and the cooler exposure of partial shade.
He sent to Florence for cloth of gold and as far as Flanders for embroideries based on designs of painters like Rogier van der Weyden.