cloud based

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cloud based

Operations that involve a network. The term often refers to the public Internet; however, a cloud may also be a private, internal network (see cloud). Following are common cloud-based operations:

Desktop and Mobile Apps (Public Internet)
Desktop, smartphone and tablet apps are downloaded from the Internet and installed. The software is updated periodically from the Internet, and the data are often updated in real time (stock quotes, weather, notifications, etc.) from the Internet.

Web Apps (Public Internet)
Applications are run from code within Web pages downloaded to the browser from the Internet. See Web application and cloud computing.

Cloud Storage (Public Internet)
Storing information on an Internet server for backup as well as synchronization to all the user's devices. See cloud storage.

Desktop Apps (Private Network)
Desktop apps (typically Windows) and software updates are downloaded from a company's internal server and installed.

Cloud Storage (Private Network)
Storing data on a company's internal server for backup.
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