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Bokeo can be combined with Thailand's little-known parks, Kaeng Krachan and Klong Seang Wildlife Sanctuary for tracking wild elephants, clouded leopards, flying fox and more.
He pointed to the under-threat Malayan sun bear and Sunda clouded leopard - already captured on camera - as ongoing monitoring projects that he is carrying out from his jungle base.
In terms of appearance, the clouded leopards in Borneo and Sumatra have small cloud markings with many distinct spots within the clouds.
The RSPCA said it was "extremely concerned" that clouded leopards - which can weigh up to 50lb - might be kept in a back garden in a busy residential area of London.
Also, some creatures are illegally hunted: the clouded leopard for its skin, and the rhino for its horn.
And if a clouded leopard (below) is prowling around, the monkeys can quickly leap to another tree.
03303/abstract) Ecography  found African lions and the only recently identified Sunda clouded leopards are particularly at risk, along with leopards and cheetahs, "in parts of their range.
However, Sillander (2004: 220) discusses the cultural significance of the belin timang among the Bentian, which he identifies not only as tiger teeth, but also as clouded leopard teeth and defines as "spirit associated ancestral objects" (2004:287) and with reference to Errington (1989) and Kirsch (1973), as having potency, "e.
Rarely seen, but nevertheless present in the island's forests are highly endangered creatures such as the Sumatran Rhino and boldly marked Clouded Leopard.
Other large mammals, such as small herds of the Borneo pygmy elephants, the clouded leopard, sun bear, bearded pig, many species of deer as well as the extremely rare and critically endangered Sumatran rhino, are to be seen with luck.
The Clouded Leopard by Wade Davis Tauris Parke Paperbacks, pb, pp231, 9.
3-4--Color) Hobbes, a clouded leopard, and Meesha, right, a black Asian leopard; are two of the center's rare cats.