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Cloud-cuckoo-land (Nephelococcygia)

city in which all power is to be vested in the birds. [Gk. Drama: Aristophanes Birds]
See: Birds
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"We encourage homeowners to pick their paint palettes after choosing larger furniture and decor items to ensure a complementary and cohesive color scheme, which is exactly what we did at the Cottage at Cloudland Station," said Yvonne McFadden of Yvonne McFadden Interiors, designer of the This Old House Cottage at Cloudland Station.
"Olshan, best known for his non-genre fiction such as The Conversion and Clara's Heart, makes a bold and quite effective foray into crime fiction in Cloudland. ...
Magnet School, Nashville; Stan Peppenhorst (Chemistry, Honors Chemistry), Germantown High School, Memphis; and Scott Tester (Middle School Science), Cloudland High School, Cloudland.
Filmed in New York City by Apostle the Cloudland Co.
Orlando 32836 407/352-8009 Mary Harris Moore, Member 3034 Cloudland Dr.
Along with stablemates Moscow Express and Cloudland, Sackville worked on the inside of the racecourse.
maniculatus nubiterrae (Cloudland deer mice) captured in West Virginia in 1985 (10).
Dade Co: Rising Fawn, Beyer's Cave, 3 (UGAMNH); Sitton's Cave, 2 (UGAMNH); Cloudland, 1 mi from Alabama line, 1 (AMNH).
"There is the mysterious, magical world of Cloudland and there is the spectacular Ultra Violet Woodland sequence, which left the children open mouthed.
The cloudland ideals of absolute certainty and finality are forsaken for the greater practical utility of the probable and tentative.
However, the set was beautifully created, with picturesque cottages, a magical cloudland and an enormous beanstalk, while the 3D scenes were almost hypnotic.
Public visitors will be able to join a number of activities such as lucky draws, product demos, sharing on health tips and cooking demonstrations by Paul Wong, Cloudland Chinese Cuisine Executive Chef, and Albert Au, Lai Sun F&B Management Group Executive Chef (Chinese Division).