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And he has a secondary repertoire of altered hostility toward pimps, hookers, junkies, the insane, the clubfooted, the hairclipped, the homosexual male, and the very old.
The 'passenger' observes Tod's 'sensing mechanism' that guides him to 'Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Amerindians' and a 'secondary repertoire of alerted hostility towards pimps, hookers, junkies, the insane, the clubfooted, the harelipped, the homosexual male, and the very old'.
Phosphor in Dreamland tells the story of Nuno Alpha y Omega, an unorthodox young man also known as Phosphor, who is born clubfooted with crossed eyes and who aspires to be a photographer and a celebrated poet.
There is nothing egregiously clubfooted about this mix of fantasy, flexing and sorcery.
Here the passive, intelligent Teddy finds contentment as a soda jerk and a mail carrier, and, to the initial discomfort of his family, falls in love with Emily Sifford, the clubfooted daughter of a local greenhouse owner.
He learned those 613 laws and memorized the lists of the kinds of people with whom a good person was never to walk or talk with, never share a meal with, or accept a drink from--pimps, prostitutes, murderers, tax collectors, the clubfooted, hog farmers, lepers, Samaritans.
a clubfooted Byron, a scrofulous Keats, or a soul-obsessed Poe?
Hippolyte Tautain, a witless, clubfooted boy operated on by Charles Bovary at the insistence of M.
In Femme, 1972, the clubfooted nude Neanderthal contemplating her own transparent flipper seems to embody the genetic memory of a desexualized prehistoric matriarchy.