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Yet if these were unattached fossils, they would exhibit evidence for transport; even when stranded on interference rippled surfaces, cnidarian medusae comparable in size to the King Square Formation discoids should preferentially collect in the ripple troughs--but they do not.
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2] levels, underscore the potential role of the cnidarian host in mediating symbiont division.
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In May 2010, however, Simpson and his colleagues reported in PLoS ONE the first evidence that coral larvae (and larvae of any cnidarian, the group that includes corals, sea anemones and jellyfish) respond to sound.
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Jellyfish species (of the cnidarian subphylum Medusozoa) typically possess a benthic, sessile stage (polyp) that reproduces asexually by budding new polyps or medusae, the latter of which represent the sexually reproductive stage of the textbook medusozoan life cycle.