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instruction of both sexes in the same institution. The economic benefits gained from joint classes and the need to secure equality for women in industrial, professional, and political activities have influenced the spread of coeducation. There were scattered examples of coeducation in the late 17th cent. in Scotland and in the American Colonies, but there was no general trend until the great expansion of public education between 1830 and 1845 in the developing W United States. The distance between schools in that region and the small number of pupils caused elementary schools to admit girls. The movement spread naturally to the secondary schools during the reorganization of public education after the Civil War. Oberlin College gave degrees to both men and women as early as 1837, but it was the development of state universities during the post–Civil War era that standardized collegiate coeducation. Since 1960 nearly every formerly single-sex college has become coeducational; only about one hundred, mostly historic women's schools and men's seminaries, remain. The coeducational movement encountered stronger resistance outside the United States. In Europe, the Scandinavian countries were the earliest supporters, but many other nations limited coeducation to institutions of higher learning. Although coeducation has expanded since World War II, there are many nations where it still meets opposition on religious and cultural grounds.


See C. Lasser, ed., Educating Men and Women Together (1987); D. Tyack and E. Hansot, Learning Together (1990).


instruction in schools, colleges, etc., attended by both sexes
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Right side of the facade of UNRWA Prep Co-Ed School in Juhar el-Dik with grenade holes more visible.
The Ryleys Boys Preparatory School Ryleys Lane, Alderley Edge, Cheshire Tel: 01625 583241 Boys school Religious affiliation: Open to all faiths Term fees: pounds 2,620-pounds 2,995 Intake ages: 2 1/2 to 13 Number of pupils: 240 Year founded: 1877 Entry requirements: Assessment Exam results in 2008: Not applicable St Mary's College Everest Road, Crosby Tel: 0151 924 3926 Co-ed Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Term fees: pounds 2,687 Intake ages: 11+, 16+ Number of pupils: 580 Year founded: 1919 Entry requirements: By examination and interview
He says: "Over 95% of the UK's children are educated in co-ed schools.
In Caerphilly, one of the few counties which offers the choice between co-ed or single sex, merging the Lewis schools for boys and girls was floated last year.
It makes memadwhen I hear heads of co-ed schools dismiss single-sex education with the comment that the co-ed classroom is natural, as if being natural is all the justification one ever needed for anything.
An insider claimed: 'Louis picked the name Co-Ed and told them what songs to learn.
Yesterday a show insider revealed: "Louis picked the name Co-Ed and told them what songs to learn for their audition.
But despite the growing presence of women in the military services, controversies linger in some areas, particularly on the subjects of co-ed basic training and the suitability of female sailors to serve onboard ships.
But unlike the other cover models for Realistic Comics, or the stars of the trashy sub-Hollywood programmers that filled the drive-ins, this co-ed achieved immortality.
He tells the story of the Yale five: Orthodox Jewish students who made headlines three years ago when they filed suit against Yale University for requiring them to live in co-ed dorms with co-ed showers.
For example, evidence suggests that many teenage girls do better academically in same-sex rather than co-ed classrooms.
The camps included in the study were day and resident camps that had single gender or co-ed environments.