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coach dog:

see DalmatianDalmatian
, breed of hardy, strong-bodied nonsporting dog probably developed in the Austrian province of Dalmatia (now Croatia) several hundred years ago. It stands from 19 to 23 in. (48.3–58.4 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 35 to 50 lb (15.9–22.7 kg).
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They were war dogs that guarded the borders of Dalmatia, and were used to hunt vermin and wild boar, and as gun dogs, trail hounds, circus dogs, and, most notably, as carriage and coach dogs. Affectionately known as "firehouse dogs," Dalmatians were trained to run alongside fire carriages to protect the horses and guard the firehouse.
Dalmatians were bred to be coach dogs. Before the automobile, Dalmatians ran alongside horse-drawn carriages to clear the way.
And now researchers in California claim to have trained a poodle to detect signs of lung cancer in people's breath; scientists at Cambridge University now believe they may be able to coach dogs to identify prostate cancer by sniffing urine samples.