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a military or political union or alliance.

(1) A temporary military-political alliance of two or several states, concluded for combined operations against some other state or group of states (for example, the anti-Hitler coalition).

(2) An agreement between two or several political parties. A coalition is most frequently established so that a government can be formed with a parliamentary majority of the parties (a coalition government). In bourgeois states with a multiparty system, the coalition is widely used if none of the parties has a majority in parliament.

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While social democrats have always viewed the hard Left and the new coalitionists as real or potential campaign workers, the reverse is not true.
* That means the coalitionist's relationship to the party is different from the partisan's.
On the one hand, the reconstruction of substantial armies in Europe (including Germany) and the presence of significant numbers of American troops on the continent involved, de facto, a "coalitionist" concept of military strategy supporting the political strategy of American hegemony.
There being no takers for the LPP leadership's wilder coalitionist schemes, the party would make its debut in the national elections of 1945.
winning coalitions are the only coalitions that have value), that individual members of winning coalitions receive positive payoffs and that coalitional adherence is non-binding, either to the coalitionist or to the coalition.