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[′kȯrs ¦grānd]
Having a coarse texture.


1. See wide-ringed.

coarse-textured, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having an open, porous cell structure that usually requires filling to provide a smooth finish.

wide-ringed, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having wide annual rings, due to rapid growth; in softwood, usually weaker than narrow-ringed wood.
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19) Previous work from our group (20) showed that the diffusion of Al in the ultrafine-grained Fe layer prepared by SMAT is much enhanced compared with that in the coarse-grained counterpart in the lower temperature range, which is attributed to a large volume fraction of non-equilibrium grain boundaries (GBs).
The determined concentrations of the anionic surfactants as MBAS in the experiments with coarse-grained polluted sandy soil are presented in Fig.
HG looks for the most representative characteristic value in an image to quickly find the coarse-grained association rules.
One of the innovations/improvements Pollack made was to remove his asphalt driveway and replace it with decomposed granite, best described as very coarse-grained sand that is easily compacted but completely porous to water.
And now it's available on DVD as a feature film (shot on a handheld Super 8 camera and blown up to 35mm to give it a beguiling coarse-grained finish) with the characters, primarily three generations of the same family, lip-synching Young's lyrics.
A powerfully impacted scene of domestic violence (think A Clockwork Orange), The Night employs a restrained palette mad a coarse-grained cubist space whose large fragments create surface tension without sacrificing legibility.
Metallurgical recoveries from coarse-grained chalcopyrite-sphalerite ore were in excess of 90%.
This paper defines a component and what types of projects benefit from fine and coarse-grained components.
Large pyrrhotite crystals in very coarse-grained pegmatitic carbonatites in the late Cretaceous alkaline igneous-carbonatite complex at Okorusu in NorthCentral Namibia show an interesting sequence of alteration stages.
Company Family Granularity Actel MX fine-grained Altera FLEX10KE coarse-grained Atmel AT40K fine-grained Dynachip DL6000 coarse-grained Gatefield GF260F fine-grained Lucent ORCA 2C/2T coarse-grained QuickLogic pASIC2 fine-grained Xilinx XC4000XLA/XV coarse-grained Company Configuration Mode Cell Count Actel configurable 295-2.