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[′kȯrs ¦grānd]
Having a coarse texture.
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1. See wide-ringed.

coarse-textured, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having an open, porous cell structure that usually requires filling to provide a smooth finish.

wide-ringed, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having wide annual rings, due to rapid growth; in softwood, usually weaker than narrow-ringed wood.
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In this paper, relying on the sandy pebble stratum in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, the influencing law of coarse-grained content on the macromechanical properties of sandy pebble soil was studied using the large-scale triaxial test of coarse-grained soil, on this basis, a particle discrete element numerical triaxial test platform was established, and the micromechanical parameters of sandy pebble soil of different coarse-grained content was studied using the discrete particle element numerical triaxial test (Yasin et al., 2017).
Are Modally Coarse-Grained Objects Ruled Out By Logic?
To sum up, the combination of some factors and levels of coarse-grained soil also produces certain frost heave.
The uplift bearing capacity and the load-displacement relationship have been investigated by the scholars [14-16]; however, little work has been done on the uplift capacity of the belled pier constructed in coarse-grained saline soils.
Figure 1 sets out the time and the spectral representations ofcoarse-grained Brownian motion time series used to calculate one of the effects resulting from the coarse-grained procedure.
In Section 3 an example of antenna array pattern synthesis is provided to demonstrate the advantages of the coarse-grained PMGA.
Coarse-grained reconfigurable architecture (CGRA) is a compromise between application-specific optimizations of embedded systems demanded by the market and the flexibility of systems to accommodate short time-to-market requirements.
The electrochemical corrosion behavior of the aluminized SMAT sample was studied in 0.05 mol/L [Na.sub.2][SO.sub.4] + 0.05 mol/L [H.sub.2][SO.sub.4] solution, in comparison with the original SMAT and the coarse-grained sample.
This book provides an in-depth overview of all of the coarse-grained schemes developed for condensed phase and biomolecular systems.
analytical insights, KPIs) directly to decisions made in the business." <p>And Gartner's fifth prediction is that by 2012 one-third of analytic applications applied to business processes will be delivered via coarse-grained mashups.
Accelrys Inc (NASDAQ: ACCL), a developer of scientific, business intelligence software and solutions, released on 16 December the new version of its materials modelling and simulation platform, Materials Studio 4.4.A Materials Studio 4.4 expands the multiscale modelling capabilities with the introduction of new functionality used in mesoscale modelling along with quantum mechanics and an extended range of materials that can be simulated, thereby increasing research productivity.A Mesocite simulates particles incorporating ring structures, electrostatics and gives users options to incorporate more chemical details in mesoscale simulations than before, providing simulation between the fine-grained atomistic models and the more coarse-grained Mesotek models.