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coarse-textured, coarse-grained, open-grained

Descriptive of wood having an open, porous cell structure that usually requires filling to provide a smooth finish.
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For both soil textures, the estimated values under 100kPa preloading are nearly close to the applied pre-load, while under 200 kPa there is an under- and over-estimation in the case of fine- and coarse-textured soils, respectively (Fig.
This study investigated KCl leaching losses from a coarse-textured Podosol (Isbell 1996).
By 2004, pellet teed dropped to 14 percent of total production while meal climbed to 72 percent and coarse-textured 11 percent (chart 2).
For example, at the coarse-textured site at 60 cm soil depth, the standard deviation of [P.
The model assumes all soils are unstable during this redistribution of water, but only coarse-textured soils will form narrow channels, called fingers, capable of moving significant distances.
Sand is described as coarse-textured - since its particles are gritty and visible to the naked eye - and light, since it is not weighed down with water.
Lightly moisten slices of crusty, coarse-textured bread with extra-virgin olive oil.
Dense, fine-textured soils resist penetration, while coarse-textured soils are usually very porous and easy for roots to invade.
Ring and clod methods are straightforward to use and require little specialised equipment, but they perform poorly under some field conditions, such as in soils with a large coarse fraction (>2 mm) (Vincent and Chadwick 1994), coarse-textured soils (Cresswell and Hamilton 2002), shrink swell clays (Lal and Kimble 2001), organic soils (Palmer et al.
Although subsurface drainage takes place naturally through coarse-textured sub-soils, in many areas with poor internal drainage it has been artificially enhanced with installation of drain tubes.