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What does it mean when you dream about a closet?

A closet may represent a place to store or hide people or things. Movies and other narratives often show people hiding in a closet. People with an unsavory past are said to have “skeletons in the closet.” In more modern times, the closet has also come to signify the unveiling of previously hidden aspects of the self, as in “coming out of the closet.”


1. A small enclosed storage area.
2. A small private room, often off a bedroom.


The closet in your dream may have emotional, psychological, or physical connotations. Closets are used to store good things that we need as well as useless stuff. Emotionally they hold memories, secrets, precious emotions, and valuable thoughts. Consider all of the details in your dream and try to see the message clearly. Do you need to clean out the closet, come out of the closet, or share the things that you have stored in that closet?
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The coat closet originally was part of a truncated wall between a hall and living room.
The new suite for First Class passengers features an extra-large seat that reclines to become a fully-flat bed, a 23" wide-screen LCD screen that offers more than 1,000 channels of entertainment and is equipped with individual storage, a coat closet, vanity desk and personal mini bar.
Q We're going to install ceramic tile in our entryway and the adjoining coat closet.
Built-in storage units provide a bench and coat closet on the foyer side and china cabinets on the side facing the dining room.
Move the coat closet doors to the opposite wall to allow for a new arched opening between the living room and foyer.
Giansante: "Welcome to little Salsa Stadium, where from this coat closet they call an announcing booth we'll be bringing you the Ducks against the Pac-10's most penalized team, the Beavers.
If you use a folding manual wheelchair, you can request it be stowed in the on-board coat closet.
There was the sliver-thin coat closet to try to squeeze into.
Carl has a 14-inch TV set stashed in the coat closet, and can stand in the doorway watching the morning news, take my coat, welcome me to the day, and never miss a beat.
full service private suites will offer up to 14 tickets for all events including Rockets games, outstanding unobstructed views in close proximity to centre ice (only 15 rows off the playing and entertainment surface), superb in-suite dining, exclusive access to the members only lounge with unobstructed views into the arena, top quality furnishings, two reserved parking stalls next to the facility, special entrances, exits and elevators, access during business hours for private functions, private 2-piece ensuite washroom, coat closet, telephone and fax outlets;
Main level features the kitchen, half-bath (hand painted by Tibetan monks), Jerusalem Limestone floors, coat closet and dining area.
The pedimented porch and paneled front door of this spacious Country home leads to a foyer that includes a coat closet and powder room.