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coaxial cable

A strong, flexible, high-capacity cable widely used in audio, video and data applications. Commonly called "coax" (pronounced "co-axe"), the cable comprises a solid or stranded wire in the center, surrounded by insulation. The insulation is wrapped with a metallic foil or braided wire that serves as the ground line and interference shield. All of this is enclosed in a plastic cover, which may have a fire-safe Teflon coating.

There Are Many Types
Typically with impedances of 50 or 75 Ohms, cables have different outside diameters and maximum capacities for operating voltage. Designated with an RG (radio grade) prefix such as RG-6, cables are also rated for signal loss (attenuation in dBs per 100 feet). Following are common types; however, there are many more in use. See RCA connector and F connector.

        Impedance  Core   Layers        Range in   Dia.     inType         Ohms     (mm)   Sheath

  RG-6        75-76     1.0      2
  RG-6 Quad   75-76     1.0      4

  RG-58       50-53.5   0.9      1

  RG-59       73-75     0.81     1
  RG-59 Quad  73-75     0.81     4

Coaxial Cable
Coax uses two wires. The inner wire is the primary conductor. The ground wire is an aluminum or copper sheath that surrounds the insulation of the primary conductor and also serves as a shield against external interference.
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MaxLinear is also a leader in Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) products and has developed MoCA 2.5 technology that provides a solution for MSOs who need even greater networking throughput and capacity.
The POE over Coax Extender Kit designed by the innovators at AAS Technology helps to extend the transmission of signal by a distance of up-to 900 feet within an industrial surveillance setting.
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The SDI Camera Video + Power + Data RS-485 Transmission over Coax Kit is the requisite product for applications in which video signals must be sent over long distances via a cable.
The zNID integrates two CopperGate HomePNA 3.1 chipsets, which makes it the only available intelligent FTTH gateway capable of providing full speed operation over both coax cables and phone wires simultaneously, the companies said.
Once scientists have an embryo, they can coax it into an adult plant.
The new 1/2” corrugated coax jumpers from Pasternack are perfect for runs when, low PIM, low VSWR, low insertion loss, and/or RF Isolation are critical.
Motorola's MR-DVR solution operates over the existing home coax wiring using Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA ) technology, creating an IP network throughout the home that enables seamless and intuitive time-shifting and place-shifting of video content.