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1. a web spun by certain spiders, esp those of the family Theridiidae, often found in the corners of disused rooms
2. a single thread of such a web
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(1) A Web page that has not been updated in a long time.

(2) A Web page that is rarely downloaded because the references to it are obscure or the subject is simply uninteresting.
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Lalit said: "It seems that it is a well-operated cobweb and once you get into it, you would not be able to come out of it.
The assertion came via a recent survey of 120 company chairmen, CEOs and presidents conducted by Cobweb Solutions UAE--the Dubai-based, Middle East arm of UK-based Cobweb, Europe's leading managed cloud solutions provider -- which was scaling up its own workforce to meet increasing regional demand for cloud solutions.
Lesley Smith with Blue Shadow and, left, Paul Axcell and Guisburn Golden Cobweb EILEEN CHARLTON
He had a cobweb tattoo under his right eye and was wearing black or navy jeans and white pumps.
Cobweb discovered that whilst cloud use is soaring among business users in the UK, the final decision making falls to the head of IT/CIO in almost three fifths of (59%) organisations.
Due to this reason, this topic for research has been chosen to analyse the behaviour of demand and supply response by the application of cobweb model.
IT has taken almost three years for the catalogue of court cases linked to Operation Cobweb to reach their conclusion.
Trainee fairy Cobweb is directed by Miss Dandelion, the head fairy, to deliver three wishes to a woodcutter.
Mist the area around a cobweb (damp popcorn is less likely to flake) and very gently and carefully try to remove the cobweb with the brush, touching the cobweb only and not the ceiling.
Analyst Edmond Ademi also has his own dilemmas regarding the court process "Cobweb."
This is a Cobweb Collective gig, and entry is free.
The Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje 1 is expected to decide Friday whether to extend the detention of the 14 suspects in the case Cobweb, including A1 owner Velija Ramkovski, or allow them to stand trial on bail.