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1. a web spun by certain spiders, esp those of the family Theridiidae, often found in the corners of disused rooms
2. a single thread of such a web


(1) A Web page that has not been updated in a long time.

(2) A Web page that is rarely downloaded because the references to it are obscure or the subject is simply uninteresting.
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Starting off by brushing down the staging I found a spider big enough to start school and we stood eyeing each other up wondering who was going to give in - easy, me, and I went to get the feather duster from the house but thankfully he'd disappeared into one of the dark cobwebby corners by the time I got back.
stumbling in designer clothes through a cobwebby cellar
We're not out of winter yet so look out for cobwebby knits and ponchos which first appeared in the autumn and which will spill over to spring.
Tormented by too much religion in the head, I endlessly circumnavigated my cobwebby mind, hoisted on the petard of unanswerable Western Christian koans, such as how to haul my pesky adolescent body along with my soul to holiness.
The venue may sound like some cobwebby, creaking edifice, but Gosforth Civic Hall is very much a contemporary building - albeit functional rather than outwardly attractive - which represents ambition and resourcefulness at work.
It's a welcome opportunity to let the wind of change blow through racing's cobwebby corridors.
Floppy of fringe and skinny of jean, he's swapped the white lab coat for a Top Man leather jacket and made star-gazing popular among the young 'uns who may have found our generation's Sir Patrick Moore a little too cobwebby and odd to really enthuse about.
I remember squatting in our cellar making my daughter a dollhouse, under the close sky of the cobwebby ceiling, and the hammer going numb in my hand as I saw not only my life but hers, so recently begun, as a futile misadventure, a leap out of the dark and back.
Thus, Lady Jane: "Still, there is a cobwebby grey velvet, with a tender bloom like cold gravy, which, made Florentine fourteenth-century, trimmed with Venetian leather and Spanish altar lace, and surmounted with something Japanese--it matters not what--would at least be Early English
For many, nothing can replace genuine quality plus long, slow ageing in an oak barrel and years of storage in cool, cobwebby cellars, but scientists now claim that a quick blast with an electric field can improve lower-quality wine and shorten storage time.
All the windows look dusty and cobwebby, the dog is scratching miserably, Gravenstein apples are dropping off the tree, and the boys still need school clothes, a job I put off as long as possible in hopes that the new jeans won't be outgrown before the first report cards come home.
1 Daphne Oram, Oramics (Paradigm) Music created by one of the founders of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop--a spellbinding mixture of bright sci-fi television ads, ominous tape work for theater, and cobwebby electronic classical miniatures.