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1. a web spun by certain spiders, esp those of the family Theridiidae, often found in the corners of disused rooms
2. a single thread of such a web
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(1) A Web page that has not been updated in a long time.

(2) A Web page that is rarely downloaded because the references to it are obscure or the subject is simply uninteresting.
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"I'm still dusting off the cobwebs. Playing for England in a centreback role is completely different to playing in a right-back role - your energy is a lot more use in a rightback role, getting up and down.
There are three mental and emotional "cobwebs" one can immediately identify.
The boys well this we've cobwebs last Kevin "The lads we rested last week have benefited from the break, and all now seem to be fine.
SIR - Many will have been amused by your story: "Spiders are helping criminals by covering CCTV cameras with their cobwebs".
Dressed to chill EASTENDERS Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri BBC1 Brace yourselves - it's Halloween at The Vic giving Mick the perfect opportunity to unleash the spray-on cobwebs and dust off his Frankenstein costume.
STOKE boss Mark Hughes has urged his players to quickly shake off the cobwebs following the club's slow start to the new season.
DUST OFF THE COBWEBS LIKE the dark corners in our homes, our minds can harbour festering dust and cobwebs too - difficult experiences or memories we tucked away because that felt easier than confronting them.
I know the ceilings might contain asbestos, but how do I clean the cobwebs that have collected on them without disturbing the asbestos?
"We clear out cobwebs hiding in the corners, recycle clothes that no longer suit us, and rub windows that are dingy.