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Participants (N = 28) were at least 18 years old, unemployed, enrolled in a methadone maintenance program, reported using cocaine in the 30 days prior to study intake, provided a cocaine-positive urine sample, reported injection drug use in the 30 days prior to study intake, and showed signs of injection drug use (i.
Former use: Any lifetime use of cocaine or heroin but no use in the past 6 months
A version developed by Weill Cornell genetic medicine researcher Ron Crystal works by teaching the immune system to recognize cocaine as a threat.
Cocaine, one of the most addictive illicit drugs on the market, exerts its effects on the brain by changing the way a person thinks and feels.
4 per cent of adults, about 800,000 people, reported using powder cocaine in the last year.
We estimate that 40% of patients receiving the vaccine will develop [greater than or equal to]40 [micro]/mL of antibodies; this level is necessary for heavy cocaine users.
These mimic some of the effects of properties of cocaine, numbing the gums in the way a user would expect with cocaine.
Since DAWN data indicate that cocaine is rarely used for suicide, it's not clear the 2,462 suicides by poison in 1909 should be included.
Police said the North Worcester County Drug Task Force and the city drug unit received information that a man was selling and delivering cocaine in the area, and was planning on delivering cocaine to a residence in the city last night.
In 2001, investigators performing a review of 36 prospective studies of prenatal cocaine exposure in children aged 6 years and younger found no convincing consistent evidence that in utero cocaine exposure was associated with negative effects on physical growth, developmental test scores, or receptive or expressive language.
In seven placebo-controlled, double-blind studies involving more than 700 patients, disulfiram produced considerably better results than did placebo: up to 55% of urine samples were cocaine free in the disulfiram group, compared with about 40% in the placebo group.
Although these and later studies constitute the overall picture, data from some studies have suggested that prenatal cocaine exposure does have some serious adverse effects, most notably, a greater risk of prematurity and higher rates of placenta previa.