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Coccidioidomycosis in Arizona: increase in incidence from 1990 to 1995.
We identified confirmed cases of coccidioidomycosis among prison staff by using agency employee rosters and the Confidential Morbidity Reports from the California Department of Public Health for 2009-2013.
Coccidioidomycosis is diagnosed definitively by culture, but obtaining appropriate specimens for culture may be difficult.
This should include a history of prior coccidioidomycosis infection and work environment.
The purpose of this study was to review rates of coccidioidomycosis at prisons X and Y, to reevaluate the population for risk factors for development of primary disease, as well as to evaluate inmate risk factors for development of the most debilitating forms of coccidioidomycosis.
In the last 10 years at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, I've been impressed by how often the dermatologist has a role to play in the diagnosis of coccidioidomycosis," Dr.
Coccidioidomycosis as a common cause of community-acquired pneumonia.
Situations and activities that increase exposure to dust increase the risk for coccidioidomycosis in humans (7); these situations and activities include, but are not limited to, dust storms, earthquakes, construction work, outdoor occupations or activities, and military maneuvers (7).
Symptomatic primary pulmonary coccidioidomycosis can range from mild to severe.
To the best of our knowledge, only 11 antemortem cases of coccidioidomycosis prostatitis have been reported in the medical literature.
Ten of the men (45%) had serologic evidence of acute coccidioidomycosis and symptoms including fever, night sweats, chills, cough, myalgias, and weight loss.
Examples include coccidioidomycosis incidence in Arizona, which has been shown to correlate with hot, dry conditions; blastomycosis clusters observed in association with rainfall after periods of decreased precipitation; and incidence of Penicillum marneffei penicilliosis, an opportunistic infection which is endemic to Southeast Asia and increases in incidence during rainy months (21,22).