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see parrotparrot,
common name for members of the order Psittaciformes, comprising nearly 400 species of colorful birds, pantropical in distribution, including the parakeets. Parrots have large heads and short necks, strong feet with two toes in front and two in back (facilitating climbing
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a bird of the subfamily Kakatoeinae of the family Psittacidae. The body measures 60– cm long. A characteristic feature is the crest on the head. Cockatoos are found from the islands of Kalimantan and Flores, the Philippines, and New Guinea to the Solomon Islands, Australia, and Tasmania. There are five genera: Probosciger, Calyptorhynchus, Callocephalon, Kakatoe, and Nymphicus. These genera comprise 17 species. The birds live in forests, often near fields, and stay in flocks. They eat fruits and seeds, and their powerful beaks are capable of cracking even the very hard fruits of palm trees. In some places cockatoos seriously damage crops. They build their nest in tree hollows or in fissures of cliffs. The large cockatoos lay two or three white

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Pitch………50.0–65.0Over 3601,200–1,300Pyrene and other highly condensed aromatic compounds

eggs; the small birds of the genus Nymphicus lay five or six eggs.Cockatoos are often kept in cages.


any of various parrots of the genus Kakatoe and related genera, such as K. galerita (sulphur-crested cockatoo), of Australia and New Guinea. They have an erectile crest and most of them are light-coloured
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