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common name for members of the order Psittaciformes, comprising nearly 400 species of colorful birds, pantropical in distribution, including the parakeets. Parrots have large heads and short necks, strong feet with two toes in front and two in back (facilitating climbing
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a bird of the subfamily Kakatoeinae of the family Psittacidae. The body measures 60– cm long. A characteristic feature is the crest on the head. Cockatoos are found from the islands of Kalimantan and Flores, the Philippines, and New Guinea to the Solomon Islands, Australia, and Tasmania. There are five genera: Probosciger, Calyptorhynchus, Callocephalon, Kakatoe, and Nymphicus. These genera comprise 17 species. The birds live in forests, often near fields, and stay in flocks. They eat fruits and seeds, and their powerful beaks are capable of cracking even the very hard fruits of palm trees. In some places cockatoos seriously damage crops. They build their nest in tree hollows or in fissures of cliffs. The large cockatoos lay two or three white

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FractionOutput (% of tar bulk)Boiling point (°C)Density at 20°C (kg per cu m)Recoverable substances
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Naphthalene……8.0–10.0210–2301,010–,1,020Naphthalence, thionapthene
Heavy (absorbring)….8.0–10.0230–2701,050–1,070Methyl naphthalenes, acenaphthene
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Pitch………50.0–65.0Over 3601,200–1,300Pyrene and other highly condensed aromatic compounds

eggs; the small birds of the genus Nymphicus lay five or six eggs.Cockatoos are often kept in cages.


any of various parrots of the genus Kakatoe and related genera, such as K. galerita (sulphur-crested cockatoo), of Australia and New Guinea. They have an erectile crest and most of them are light-coloured
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The seized wild animals, with an estimated market value of P50 million, are composed of 106 sulfur-crested cockatoos, 26 Moluccan cockatoos, 23 black palm cockatoo, 17 black-capped lories, 16 rainbow lories, seven red bird of paradise, three large fig parrot, two wallaby, 110 sugar glider and three emu.
Compared to primates, the cockatoos performed very well," Habl said.
She failed to secure four votes after singing her version of Bryan Adams' Run To You, but Scherzinger did offer a yes vote for her cockatoo.
Ten studies were performed in 6 birds: 3 cockatoos (1 umbrella cockatoo [Cacatua alba], 1 Goffin's cockatoo [Cacatua goffinii], and 1 sulphur-crested cockatoo [Cacatua galerita]) and 3 African grey parrots.
Alice Auersperg, the manager of the Goffin Lab who was also one of the experimenters, said that interestingly and just opposite to human toddlers the cockatoos had more problems solving the Piagetian invisible displacements than the transposition task with which children struggle until the age of four.
Instead the cockatoo faces claim that logging has no impact on their nesting hollows or food supply.
Cee Lo Green's pink Cockatoo is the latest talent to hit "The Voice," already getting more attention than the show itself.
WITH just four remaining feathers, Oscar the cockatoo is hardly the prettiest bird on the block.
In Western Australia, a number of Carnaby's black cockatoos are released back into the wild each year after being treated for injuries from vehicles and shooters.
In testing, Birmingham-based Flexicon exposed 15 industrial conduits to cockatoos.
A MAJOR search is continuing for two rare and endangered cockatoos stolen from Birmingham Nature Centre.
A pair of rare and endangered cockatoos nicknamed Elvis and Priscilla have been stolen from their nature reserve home.