cocking piece

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sprocket, cocking piece, sprocket piece

In roofing, a strip of wood, fixed to the upper side of rafters at the eaves; raises the edge of the eaves and forms a break in the roof line.
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Additional locking was provided by a lug on the bolt body turning into a mortise in the left receiver wall, while a large, serrated cocking piece allowed the shooter to place the rifle on half-cock--the only safety device.
When engaged, it retracts the cocking piece from the sear, locks the bolt handle and blocks the sights.
In a two-lever, single-stage design such as the one introduced on the Remington M721/722 in 1949--and later used on the M700--the cocking piece in its cocked position rests on a ledge machined into a horizontally positioned, spring-loaded lever called the sear.
One merely grasped the pistol firmly, pulled the cocking piece to the rear and turned it sideways, exposing the breechplate.
The M70 retains the three-position cocking piece safety that has changed very little since the Winchester M54 of the 1920s.
The cock-on-opening bolt was a one-piece unit drilled out from the rear to accept the firing mechanism, which had a separate firing pin (called a striker) while a checkered cocking piece allowed a soldier to re-cock the bolt for a second try at a recalcitrant primer.
With some rifles a blow on the cocking piece will cause the rifle to fire.
To operate the gun, one must first push down on a catch sited atop a cocking piece in the rear of the bolt, allowing it to spring to the rear.
On the bottom of the full-diameter bolt is a channel running almost the full length of the bolt, riding over the sear that holds the cocking piece in cocked position.
Unlike the Army's service rifle of the period, the Krag-Jorgensen, the Lee did not have a cocking piece.