cocking piece

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sprocket, cocking piece, sprocket piece

In roofing, a strip of wood, fixed to the upper side of rafters at the eaves; raises the edge of the eaves and forms a break in the roof line.
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The safety is positive and is engaged by pulling back and turning the cocking piece counter clockwise.
They must be mated when screwing the cocking piece back on.
A safety catch was also added to the bolt's cocking piece several months prior to it being used on the military rifle.
In this case, you must remove material from the cocking piece sear, labeled number 5, until the sear is lifted off the trigger when the safety is applied.
Check the bolt after clearing the rifle, confirming that the bolt head is completely screwed into the bolt and the cocking piece is properly lined up with the lug in the underside.
pull (as tested) SAFETY Rotating cocking piece MOSIN-NAGANT M44 ACCURACY & VELOCITY POWDER VEL.
When you pull the trigger piece, it pushes on the forward lever, moving it out of engagement with the sear, which then disengages from the cocking piece, which is free to move forward and fire the rifle.
Given a choice, I suppose one of my favorites is the horizontal three-position cocking piece safety, what we usually call "Model 70-style.
A heavy flange on the bolt's cocking piece covering the left raceway blocks and deflects gases away from the shooter's face.
Following a brief rundown of the basic action parts (bolt, sleeve, safety, safety spring, extractor, cocking piece, firing pin, handle, bolt head, etc.