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amaranth (ămˈərănthˌ) [Gr.,=unfading], common name for the Amaranthaceae (also commonly known as the pigweed family), a family of herbs, trees, and vines of warm regions, especially in the Americas and Africa. The genus Amaranthus includes several widely distributed species called amaranths that are characterized by a lasting red pigment in the stems and leaves. They have been a poetic symbol of immortality from the time of ancient Greece. Amaranthus also includes such weeds as the green amaranth, A. retroflexus, and various species commonly called tumbleweed and pigweed, as well as several cultivated plants—e.g., love-lies-bleeding, or tassel flower, and Joseph's coat. Other ornamentals in the family are the globe amaranth (genus Gomphrenia), sometimes called bachelor's button, and the cockscomb (Celosia), both originally tropical annuals. They can be preserved dry and are used in everlasting bouquets. Amaranth is classified in the division Magnoliophyta, class Magnoliopsida, order Caryophyllales.

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1. A piece of sheet steel with a toothed edge along the long dimension; used to level and scratch plaster to produce a key for the next coat; a comb.
2. A tool consisting of a steel plate having a finely serrated edge; used to dress stone by dragging it back and forth across the surface.
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, coxcomb
1. an amaranthaceous garden or pot plant, Celosia cristata, with yellow, crimson, or purple feathery plumelike flowers in a broad spike resembling the comb of a cock
2. any similar species of Celosia
3. the comb of a domestic cock
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During September 2011 Collar rot of Cockscomb was reported by the Department of Estate care in the lawns of University of Agriculture Faisalabad.
Joey Catiis led Cockscomb with a 613 series, while Ahmed Fareed scored a 586.
cresta de gallo 'cockscomb'), and sometimes in an entire pattern (cf.
Madam, - Two Cockscombs wait at your command, And, what is strange, both dressed by Nature's hand; Like other fops they dread a hasty shower, And beg a refuge in your closet bower; Showy like them, like them they yield no fruit, But then, to make amends, they both are mute.(1)
The Vermilion Cliffs, the Grand Staircase, the Cockscomb, the Water-pocket Fold, and the redrock maze of the Escalante Canyons provide only hints of the geologic wonders for which this corner of the Colorado Plateau is renowned.
On the first of several river tours undertaken aboard Zodiac rafts, we explored the mouth of central Belize's Sittee River, near the country's Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, home to elusive jaguars.
Developing from a sixth former's suggestion to visit the jungle, the trip had initially been conceived as a Combined Cadet Force adventurous training exercise to trek through the jungle and climb a forest-clad peak in the Cockscomb Range.
There's cockscomb, eye-catching and in startling good health, as well as marigolds, crown imperial, asters, larkspur, and an odd little flowering plant named love-lies-bleeding.
The reserve, to be called the Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve, was established through the cooperation of Wildlife Conservation International (a division of the New York Zoological Society), the Belize government and the Belize Audubon Society.
Powell combined a collection of white blooms including roses, Oriental lilies, and lisianthus with vibrantly colored parrot tulips, amaryllis, and cockscomb, while fresh foliage ranged from Noble fir and pine to blue spruce and eucalyptus.