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a form of the book, consisting originally of sheets of parchment or papyrus, and since the late Middle Ages of paper, folded in half and sewn along the fold; groups of sheets were then fastened together on one side. The codex was first widely used in the eastern Roman provinces in the first centuries A.D., replacing tablets and scrolls, and about the sixth century A.D. it became the basic type of book. The adoption of the codex led to the development of binding and of the page and its decoration (page miniature, headpiece). Modern books retain the form of the codex.

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Security: All CodeX activity takes place on virtual machines instead of local networks, eliminating network performance degradations, security risks and data threats.
But what is really heartening is that spices have made a definitive entry into the league of commodities having Codex standards, and India played a key role in achieving this objective.
By contrast, the Grolier Codex is a "run-of-the-mill" ritual guide of a type that the Spanish destroyed en masse, he suspects.
The Codex Amiatinus was one of three great single-volume Bibles made at Wearmouth-Jarrow.
In 1905, the noted Near Eastern scholar Richard Gottheil came from New York City to take inventory of the Rav Simcha vault and have a photographic reproduction made of the Codex as well as other manuscripts.
Unfortunately, though, the bottom line is that rBGH-injected cows have more health issues, which in turn results in more antibiotic use, which in turn results in humans' developing antimicrobial resistance (AMR, as Codex puts it) to harmful pathogens.
It is obvious that the presence of a Mexican codex in Bologna in 1539 could be related with Betanzos' gift of 1533.
Consumers Union, which has endorsed the petition, last month reported that its product testing arm, Consumer Reports, examined 240 pork products for ractopamine and found that 20 percent tested positive for residues, but at levels well below both Codex and FDA standards.
During the production, individual Codex recorders were used with each of three camera pairs.
El Codex Gigas es un libro extrano por sus dimensiones, casi un metro de largo, y su peso de setenta y cinco kilogramos, casi ningun ser humano puede tenerlo entre sus manos o simplemente cargarlo.
Codex is the most important food safety standards organization under the United Nations and World Health Organization.
30 September 2011 - Russia's central bank said on Friday it has taken the banking permit of local Codex Bank.

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