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a form of the book, consisting originally of sheets of parchment or papyrus, and since the late Middle Ages of paper, folded in half and sewn along the fold; groups of sheets were then fastened together on one side. The codex was first widely used in the eastern Roman provinces in the first centuries A.D., replacing tablets and scrolls, and about the sixth century A.D. it became the basic type of book. The adoption of the codex led to the development of binding and of the page and its decoration (page miniature, headpiece). Modern books retain the form of the codex.

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These surviving Maya codices were probably spared by Spanish authorities as special examples of New World culture to show Europeans, Houston says.
In his A History of Two of Ben Asher's Codices, el Kodsi mentions that "the rightful owners"--the Karaites--were not consulted or even mentioned in the Chronicle story.
Work on the codices in the Chester Beatty collection was first entrusted to the distinguished British Egyptologist, Sir Alan Gardiner, and then Sir Herbert Thompson.
In the following chapters, Gumming launches into an exhaustive exploration of the repertory in Bologna Q15 and the Trent Codices. The compilers of Bologna Q15 have made her job a little easier by organizing it by genre, one of which is the motet.
A good number of the codices in this edition have been published but the series is by no means complete.