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A condition in which each allele of a heterozygous pair expresses itself fully, as in human blood group AB individuals.



expression in heterozygotes of characters typical of both forms (alleles) of the gene.

Codominance is found, for example, in studying blood serum proteins (transferrins). In individuals heterozygous for the alleles controlling the biosynthesis of transferrin, both forms of this protein are present in the blood at the same time, and each form is found separately in the corresponding homozygote. The same patterns of heredity are also found in other proteins, including almost all the enzymes. The degree of activity of each of the allelic genes may be different. The products synthesized under the control of two alleles of the same gene may independently influence the expression of a character or they may interact with each other. The existence of codominance is useful in studying the genetic structure of populations without making crossings or studying pedigrees; instead, modern biochemical and immunological methods of separating proteins are used. Codominance in erythrocytic antigens facilitates the identification of blood groups in man and animals.


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Codominant stems can be fairly well secured to a tree provided there is no included bark in the crotch (Figure 3-5).
For codominant markers, coefficients that quantify genetic variance among individuals inside each locus (KOSMAN; LEONARD, 2005; PEAKALL et al.
Most recently, Mokady and Buss (1996), based on a series of incrosses and backcrosses derived from a single mated pair (one member of which was highly inbred) argued that, as in the ascidian genus Botryllus, a single, highly polymorphic locus with multiple codominant alleles controls allorecognition in H.
To optimize the framework maps, more microsatellite markers or other kinds of codominant markers (e.
Because of the codominant nature of many SSRs, absence of an allele is an indication of similarity among genotypes.
Extremely low plasma concentrations of LDL-cholesterol and apoB (below the 5th percentile for age and sex) are characteristic of FHBL, a codominant disorder that can be caused by mutations in the APOB gene (2, 3).
Without such pruning, codominant stems will form on many trees (Figure 8-3).
McCormick and Platt (1980) examined sites in the southern Appalachians that had previously been studied in 1939 and found that hickory had replaced American chestnut as a codominant species with oak.
Microsatellite loci are commonly used to explore the genetics of closely related species and would be of great value in the study of mussels because of their rapid evolution, codominant Mendelian inheritance, high polymorphism, and presumed neutrality.