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instruction of both sexes in the same institution. The economic benefits gained from joint classes and the need to secure equality for women in industrial, professional, and political activities have influenced the spread of coeducation. There were scattered examples of coeducation in the late 17th cent. in Scotland and in the American Colonies, but there was no general trend until the great expansion of public education between 1830 and 1845 in the developing W United States. The distance between schools in that region and the small number of pupils caused elementary schools to admit girls. The movement spread naturally to the secondary schools during the reorganization of public education after the Civil War. Oberlin College gave degrees to both men and women as early as 1837, but it was the development of state universities during the post–Civil War era that standardized collegiate coeducation. Since 1960 nearly every formerly single-sex college has become coeducational; only about one hundred, mostly historic women's schools and men's seminaries, remain. The coeducational movement encountered stronger resistance outside the United States. In Europe, the Scandinavian countries were the earliest supporters, but many other nations limited coeducation to institutions of higher learning. Although coeducation has expanded since World War II, there are many nations where it still meets opposition on religious and cultural grounds.


See C. Lasser, ed., Educating Men and Women Together (1987); D. Tyack and E. Hansot, Learning Together (1990).


instruction in schools, colleges, etc., attended by both sexes
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That may seem obvious, but her survey of other research and talks with faculty and students revealed that women often choose single-sex institutions to avoid the inhospitable, male-dominated climate of some institutions that were either former men's colleges or traditionally coeducational. Access to such institutions has not resulted in equitable treatment at those institutions, she observes.
The research studies making comparison of separate and coeducational schools started since the beginning of the twentieth century (Lee and Bryk 1986; Lee and Marks 1990).
Goldin and Katz note that older and private single-sex institutions were slower to become coeducational. Those institutions persisting as single sex into the 1970s had lower enrollment growth in the late 1960s and early 1970s than those that switched earlier.
Present study is a new addition in this field of research as it explores the difference between students' level of anxiety associated with English language learning in single sex and coeducational schools with an idea that presence of students of opposite sex in a foreign language class may have some effect on this psychological issue of anxiety associated with foreign or second language learning.
One girl in Olafson's (2002) stated, "like they don't know the emotional pain they cause when they call you bad names." The student was referring to male peers in their coeducational physical education class.
Lee and Bryk (1986) examined educational achievement gains during attendance at single-sex and coeducational Australian Catholic high schools, as measured by test score gains on the reading, mathematics, science and writing components of the High School and Beyond test battery.
Those rules would require any coeducational public school which offers classes segregated by sex to also offer coed classes for all "non-vocational" subjects.
Lawrence Technological University, founded in 1932 as Lawrence Institute of Technology, is a private institution with a coeducational student body numbering approximately 5,000.
Soon, it will see its reflection in an unlikely place, outside Madaba, Jordan.Deerfield officials are helping to establish King's Academy, the Middle East's first coeducational boarding school."The idea is to transfer the American-style boarding school to Jordan," said Safwan Masri, a professor at Columbia Business School and chairman of the new academy's board.
Therefore, keeping in mind the ongoing debate on the effectiveness of single-sex and coeducational schools for gender equity, it seems important to examine students' attitudes toward PE and PE class preferences in these two different types of school.
A week after Anthony and Montgomery spoke from the YWCA platform, the trustees of the University of Rochester voted to make the university coeducational if the women of the city could raise the substantial sum of $100,000 for the university.
In her various writings Wollstonecraft stood firmly against slavery and monarchy and for children's rights, the value of breastfeeding, coeducational schools, animal rights, and other progressive ideas.