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1. an ornamental sunken panel in a ceiling, dome, etc.
2. a watertight box or chamber
a. short for cofferdam
b. a recessed panel in a concrete, metal, or timber soffit


A recessed box-like panel in a ceiling or vault, usually square, but often octagonal or lozenge-shaped, sometimes dressed with simple moldings or elaborately ornamented.

coffer, lacunar

1.One panel in coffering.
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Even though coffers were everyday pieces of furniture, some can be found with beautiful carving to their fronts.
Resultantly, the work on intake of tunnel 4 will have to be stopped due to overlapping of the coffer dam," the spokesman added.
Breckenridge Material delivered SCC forming the museum's massive ceiling, a grid of 698 coffers, 9- x 4-ft.
Besides the modifications m the stand of the premiere-partie coffer designed m make it the same height as the contre-partie coffer, the latter is struck with the C couronne poincon in numerous places, indicating that the two coffers were not in the same hands around 1745-49.
But the engineers had to design a new lighting system without changing one of the building's unique features - its exposed concrete coffered ceilings.
Nick was offered a radio show, Nick Coffer's Weekend Kitchen on BBC Three Counties Radio.
His coach, John Tinkler, is understandably delighted at the progress Coffer has made in such a short period of time.
Coffer stretched his lead at one time to 60m over Jonathan Young of Morpeth (eighth in 2003), who was followed by clubmate Ross Floyd and Durham's Michael Crawley.
The initial leader trench dug along that side of the site of the coffer dam next to the river, to facilitate its erection, seems to have gone as low as the ship remains without collapsing.
As part of a varied and extensive sale next Tuesday is a rare child's coffer dating from about 1680.