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Rutledge for his compliments on my "usual cogency and eloquence," but if he were really that well versed in my usual" arguments, in my books and other writings, he would already know quite amply what I've had to say about that flood of questions that he releases as the grand finish to his letter.
She considers both the theoretical roots and cogency of the concept, and its multiple application in a clinical setting.
Sutton's claim that analysis of the reception of the masculine woman elucidates the gender politics of the Weimar era is quite convincing, yet its cogency could be bolstered by research into how representative the subcultural texts were of the subcultures themselves.
HE argument could not t have been put to the Government with more cogency or power.
It is important to note that this book understands itself as investigating Christianity as "world Christianity," a term that we are told by sociologist Robert Wuthnow reaches back to 1929, although it has more recently been given cogency by missiologists and historians such as Dana Robert, Philip Jenkins, and Lamin Sanneh.
in speaking with any amount of cogency on chastity and sexual morality" (LifeSiteNews.
This appears to have had some cogency and so it needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
We say that on the evidence, to say that a case of fraud is established, it is miles away from the relevant cogency needed to prove it," he added.
Yet Christensen manages to portray and connect disparate events with remarkable cogency.
The cogency of this show stemmed in part from the way it was made, during a residency at Gregor Staiger last summer, which turned gallery into atelier.
Four additional essays from the conference are featured in Cogency and, together, we hope readers can get a glimpse of the discussions and interactions that occurred at the Wake Forest Conference.
Some pares of the encyclopedia shine, because of their academic tone, a more rigorous standard of editing, and a cogency that is not found in the rest of the text.