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The author cogently presents a vast amount of scholarship with clarity and careful analysis.
But while it covers enough topics for several documentaries, this far-ranging critique displays a rare cohesiveness: Clear and concise, with insightful, impassioned interviewees and well-chosen epithets from statesmen past and present, it cogently analyzes looming catastrophes, with wistful stabs at possible solutions.
A three part series elucidating cogently the reasons Israel must hold on to all the land it has.
He highlights the weak scientific basis for the government-endorsed understanding of drug addiction, cogently explaining how the disease model undermines freedom and responsibility.
It cogently reexamines the members of the delegation, Lincoln's attitude toward people of color, and the repercussions of the meeting among African American leaders and the policies of the Lincoln administration.
Patience Coster's "Smoking" (9781848377073) cogently addresses the health and medical issues of smoking.
I am not going to repeat the arguments in defence of the race, and the sport, already so cogently expressed by writers such as Alastair Down.
He will benefit from it and learn to speak coherently and cogently in English.
The effectiveness of the imperial governance is cogently displayed in the examples given.
However, as the article so cogently puts it, a word to the wise is sufficient, and an appellate practitioner should not fall into this thorny procedural trap.
Among qualities we feel are important for a United States senator are the ability to think for oneself cogently and carefully, a deep determination to help guide the state and the country onto the best course for all, talent in translating ideas into action, and a personal warmth and caring that inspires cooperation and excellence from others.
Of special note is that each individual chapter is enhanced with biblical study questions, along with definitive answers, making this thoroughly 'reader friendly' and cogently written 214-page compendium an ideal and highly recommended text for individually directed as well as biblical study groups.