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No significant main effects or interaction were calculated for Cognitive Anxiety scores.
Although a large number of studies in education have examined approach-avoidance goals, this was the first study to investigate the 2 x 2 goals as predictors of enjoyment and cognitive anxiety in sport.
Moreover, the competitive state anxiety scores, in particular cognitive anxiety in elite and non-elite players showed moderate levels of anxiety intensity, which resemble anxiety levels reported in field studies with young athletes [9].
For the variable of cognitive anxiety, t tests were utilized for the examination of mean differences.
He found that maximal activity reduced cognitive anxiety significantly.
The perceived importance of the event to the athlete and the team demonstrated a low relationship to cognitive anxiety intensity and no relationship to somatic anxiety or self-confidence scores.
First, in accordance to findings in test anxiety and cognitive interference, it was hypothesized that pre-competition anxiety intensity will be positively related to negative ST during performance, and this relationship will be larger in magnitude for cognitive anxiety intensity rather than somatic.
1990) is comprised of 27 items, with 9 items on each of three separate sub-scales of cognitive anxiety, somatic anxiety, and self-confidence.
Athletes experienced moderate levels of cognitive anxiety (M = 19.
Results indicated that self-efficacy was positively correlated with positive affect, somatic, and cognitive anxiety prior to competition.
Cognitive anxiety Somatic anxiety SD Mean SD Cognitive anxiety (Mean) .

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