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(formerly in England) the white cap worn by a serjeant at law


Fortran with interactive graphic extensions for circuit design, on UNIVAC 1108.

["An Interactive Software System for Computer-Aided Design: An Application to Circuit Projects", CACM 9(13), Sep 1970].
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Instead, Dunn complains about "perfectly coifed anchor persons grimacing with disgust and anger as if they, not King, had been beaten," and writes that "no matter how you view the beating, calling King a motorist is a stretch" In asides, Dunn describes himself as a nice white kid from the suburbs who had an African-American best friend in high school, proving that he is "not a bigoted man"
Clean-shaven and tidily coifed, he is wearing glasses, what appears to be a white Brooks Brothers shirt, belted chinos, and an unobtrusive backpack (good for impromptu jotting).