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arranging of the hair for decorative, ceremonial, or symbolic reasons. Primitive men plastered their hair with clay and tied trophies and badges into it to represent their feats and qualities.
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The impeccably coiffured Elizabeth Edwards, UK marketing manager of Twinings tea, caused rather a frisson at the first Food and Drink Federation organic forum last week, reports a colleague.
Lumley was dressed up to the nines in the image of her on-line character wearing a stunning fitted bright pink suit and coiffured hair.
Coiffured movie sirens lounging, around the pool transmogrify into brittle old sea hags.
uncles carefully coiffured aunts and nervous cousins on the concrete steps of the law school chapel.
Well, your perfectly coiffured beard and rock-hard abs dreams have come true as the he has released a new single called Cold, due for release with his new album later this year.
Five of the sessions were on consecutive days in June when the coiffured PM hosted world leaders at an economic summit in London.
A FABULOUSLY coiffured Marcus Collins, fresh from wowing crowds in Hairspray at the Empire, making a dash from Herbert's salon and jumping into a taxi ?
I suspect that the reality - clean, well-oiled, bare chest and beautifully coiffured hair, bears little relation to reality after emerging from an inferno.
Whereas, David Beckham's coiffured "curtains" hairstyle and eighties radio DJ Pat Sharp's mullet secured 17 per cent and 15 per cent of the poll respectively, reports The Daily Express.
Although, I'll admit, there's no way this coiffured and veneered dog and pony show could be reckoned rock music.
Be-gloved and beautifully coiffured and powdered, the reigning Miss South Liverpool 1951-2, Sheila Evans, 19, was guest of honour 55 years ago at the South Liverpool FC Supporters' Club summer Grand Gala, and toured the stalls, sampling their delights.
YOU still wake up with a horse's head in your bed, but its mane is beautifully coiffured.