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arranging of the hair for decorative, ceremonial, or symbolic reasons. Primitive men plastered their hair with clay and tied trophies and badges into it to represent their feats and qualities.
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I in '' The fact he is the only man in a sea of perfectly coiffured shampoo and sets is hilarious.
The Newcastle gig was packed with young people similarly coiffured and perspiring in anticipation of seeing one of the hottest bands in the UK about to release their second album.
He is immaculately dressed in a dark suit (his father preferred a kimono) and his hair is perfectly coiffured. He has been through this interview a thousand times before and his eyes show amusement as we talk.
Lumley was dressed up to the nines in the image of her on-line character wearing a stunning fitted bright pink suit and coiffured hair.
Coiffured movie sirens lounging, around the pool transmogrify into brittle old sea hags.
uncles carefully coiffured aunts and nervous cousins on the concrete steps of the law school chapel.
One is an established figure with a tumultuous track record who polarises opinion, while the other is a shouty challenger with an oddly coiffured hairdo, who has risen from the ashes of controversy more times than a packet of Lambert and Butler.
ng th With a chrome dome in the heavily coiffured top flight, Guardiola will look not so much touchline gaffer as roll-on deodorant And I reckon the man who failed to take mighty Bayern Munich to the Champions League final three seasons running may just stink the place out.
I suspect that the reality - clean, well-oiled, bare chest and beautifully coiffured hair, bears little relation to reality after emerging from an inferno.
The ladies were dressed impeccably with their pearls and perfectly coiffured hair.
Whereas, David Beckham's coiffured "curtains" hairstyle and eighties radio DJ Pat Sharp's mullet secured 17 per cent and 15 per cent of the poll respectively, reports The Daily Express.