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arranging of the hair for decorative, ceremonial, or symbolic reasons. Primitive men plastered their hair with clay and tied trophies and badges into it to represent their feats and qualities.
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If it be God's will to prove thee in the duties of marriage, be ready to fulfill His will." With this consoling thought (but yet with a hope for the fulfillment of her forbidden earthly longing) Princess Mary sighed, and having crossed herself went down, thinking neither of her gown and coiffure nor of how she would go in nor of what she would say.
But listless as he lounges there, rather baffled on the aesthetic question, and guilty of the damning fault (as we have lately discovered it to be) of confounding the merit of the artist with that of his work (for he admires the squinting Madonna of the young lady with the boyish coiffure, because he thinks the young lady herself uncommonly taking), he is a sufficiently promising acquaintance.
"You know I don't appreciate a stylish coiffure as I ought, so I like your hair in the old way best.
It is true that her light-brown hair was cropped behind like a boy's, and was dressed in front in a number of flat rings, that lay quite away from her face; but there was no sort of coiffure that could make Miss Nancy's cheek and neck look otherwise than pretty; and when at last she stood complete in her silvery twilled silk, her lace tucker, her coral necklace, and coral ear-drops, the Miss Gunns could see nothing to criticise except her hands, which bore the traces of butter-making, cheese-crushing, and even still coarser work.
Tootie had a bar in Nokomis for 15 years and was a beautician, owning Tooties Coiffures in downtown Nokomis for 25 years.
The twins, who had previously promised they'd never insure their locks, in fact revealed that their coiffures might worth a cool million.
Coiffures: Hair in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture.
Tickets are $20, $18 for seniors and youth and are available at Green Heron Books, Paris Coiffures, Paul's Barber Shop, Brant Cultural Centre office and Brantford Cyclepath.
Lake even appeared in a war film showing her hair up to convince women factory workers to adopt safer workplace coiffures. Born Constance Frances Marie Ockelman in Brooklyn in 1922, she lost her father in an explosion.
Geishas in ancient Japan preserved their elaborate coiffures by sleeping with their heads on bags filled with buckwheat chaff.
So, animators have had to play hairdresser, tediously adding a sunny, diffuse glow to unrealistically dull coiffures.
The ladies at Versailles who flaunted ever more elaborate coiffures adorned with miniature boats and other baubles were competing mainly with each other; the Parisian hostesses who convened Enlightenment salons were political agents, ambitious for influence, not simply historical glitter.