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There may be a yellow-green leucorrhoea accompanied by a localised feeling of stinging or burning, and painful coition.
In contrast, for Gratian coition without consent does not make marriage; neither does consent without coition.
No obstinacy, ad absurdum, of hiding the coition through a glass pane with one or many objects of the shop window.
But it can be uncomfortable not to say difficult - so meet the coition chair.
1) Moore's argument relies on an insight of Bernard Lonergan's that "the relationship between coition and conception is statistical.
Once again, Lonergan's claim that there is a statistical relationship between coition and conception entered the discussion, to the extent that an entire letter of Lonergan's (the same letter cited by Moore) was quoted by McCormick in his response.
Interestingly, while Sula here undermines God as monolith, she later seeks an unfallen language to describe the loneliness she seeks in coition -
The symptoms related to the type of PMS that corresponds to Platina may worsen with emotions, coition, touch, or exhaustion.
What incites one to continue is the energy generated by a kind of breathless style, in the service of cosmic coition, that recalls Grainville's precursor, Celine.
Symptoms are better for warm weather and worse for coition or the cold.