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It's not expensive and you don't need a lot of space for a cold frame
She gardens year-round in Topeka, Kansas, where neighbors tolerate her cold frame experiments, including pits dug in the front yard.
While southern areas of the country are actually more suited to winter crops, northern regions can also rely on cold frames, hot beds, or greenhouses.
The most basic cold frame possible is made by stacking a bunch of bales of straw and placing a window on top" he writes.
Some hardy plants such as Swiss chard can survive all winter in a cold frame if it is covered with a heavy cloth on the coldest nights.
Cold frames can be built easily and affordably using plywood for walls and a piece of glass as a roof.
Once your cold flame is assembled and located in a south-facing direction, keep in mind that you must prop the cover open at least 15 cm (6") during sunny weather or your plants will die from the high temperatures inside the cold frame.
Continue to sow carnations, pinks and other dianthus varieties in cold frames or an unheated greenhouse.
Continue to feed with an ericaceous liquid feed in summer and keep under cold frames over winter.
How should I monitor my garden cold frame on warm days to ensure I'm not frying my plants?
a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial greenhouses; garden windows; conservatories; folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; and skylights has designed and tested a cold frame system that can continue to produce plants, with little operational costs, even when outside temperatures drop below the acceptable growing range.