cold storage

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cold storage:

see refrigerationrefrigeration,
process for drawing heat from substances to lower their temperature, often for purposes of preservation. Refrigeration in its modern, portable form also depends on insulating materials that are thin yet effective.
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cold storage

[¦kōld ′stȯr·ij]
The storage of perishables at low temperatures produced by refrigeration, usually above freezing, to increase storage life.
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hot and cold storage

Storage that holds data based on its usage. Hot storage contains data that is frequently accessed, whereas cold storage holds data that are not used very much. Tape cartridges are commonly used for cold storage. In between is warm storage, and if the company is large enough, there may be a need for this third storage requirement. See HSM.
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2.2.2 Standards for Cold Storage and Freezing Equipment
'Calbayog is an ideal place for the cold storage because it is located strategically and ideal to become a distribution hub of key industry players of processed foods, marine, poultry and meat products,' Yan said.
According to Walaszek, that led to a determination that there will be growth in demand for cold storage space as a result of that projection, based on the CBRE calculation of $1 billion in e-commerce sales equates to 1.25 million square-feet of industrial space demand.
Our producers are already crying because they can't release in the market because the cold storages are overflowing," he said.
'[We] asked the PCC and NBI to investigate reports that trading firms have closed down four major cold storage facilities in an attempt to force farmers to sell at low prices,' Pinol said.
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Cloverleaf said the combined cold storage warehousing company will have about 140 million cubic feet of capacity in nine states and a presence in "all three major protein production corridors." The deal would make the new company the fifth-largest cold storage warehouse in the U.S., according to a news release.
With approximately 140m cubic feet of capacity in nine states, and a presence in all three major protein production corridors, the combined companies will become the fifth largest cold storage warehouse in the United States.
Chiltern Cold Storage Group's day-to-day challenges Include working under extreme low temperatures: The warehouses of the British specialist for temperature-controlled logistics services have temperatures between -22 and -24 degrees Celsius.
CHICHAWATNI/Toba Tek Singh -- The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) recovered 170,000 rotten eggs from a private cold storage and 3,000 packets of Gutka from a shop in separate raids conducted on Wednesday.
The Seattle-based Joshua Green Corporation has agreed to purchase a majority stake in Bellingham Cold Storage, according to an announcement released May 29.