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(kō`lēəs), common name for a genus of plants with large colorful leaves native to tropical Asia and Africa. Several species are grown as ornamentals. Plants of the genus Coleus are in the family Labiatae (mintmint,
in botany, common name for members of the Labiatae, a large family of chiefly annual or perennial herbs. Several species are shrubby or climbing forms or, rarely, small trees.
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a genus of plants of the family Labiatae. They are primarily perennial herbs or subshrubs with opposite leaves. The flowers, which are blue or lilac, small, and verticillastrate, are gathered into compound inflorescences. There are approximately 150 species, distributed in the tropics of the eastern hemisphere. Some species, such as Coleus parviflorus and C. edulis, have starchy tubers and are cultivated for food in tropical Africa and Asia. Many species are ornamental. Some have beautiful blossoms (C. frederici, C. thyrsoides, and C. shirensis); others have velvety reddish or brownish leaves that sometimes have a design or border. The hybrid varieties C. blumei and C. rehneltianus, with variegated leaves, are cultivated in greenhouses and are common house plants.

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The coleus plants used in this study, variety 'Big Red Judy,' were obtained from a local nursery in North Central Florida.
This time I gave Mark the improved Bee Balm with added iodine, Vitamin D, caffeine, zeolite, and the Coleus extract.
An in vitro study found the synergistic action of the Coleus forskohlii and Salacia reticulata in FB3 inhibited fat absorption by 20.7%--almost double the sum of the fat-blocking activity generated by each component alone, the companies said.
Studies with various products like green tea, coleus for-skohlii extract and tetrahydro-curcuminoids showed increased topical permeation.
Literature review revealed that no report is available on the chemical composition of the essential oil of Coleus aromaticus from this region.
I have a coleus plant which I planted in my garden and it is growing like crazy.
Propagate tender perennials from cuttings - fuchsia, osteospermum, pelargonium and coleus. Water blue hydrangeas with a colourant to ensure blue varieties remain blue next season.
Propagate tender perennials from cuttings, including fuchsia, osteospermum, pelargonium and coleus. Water blue hydrangeas with a colourant to ensure blue varieties remain blue next season.
Coleus Redhead is a low-maintenance beauty that shines everywhere it's planted.
In order to search antibacterial activity against MRSA strains, four different plants such as Andrographis paniculata (Hempedu bumi), Coleus amboinicus (Oregano), Vitex negundo (Chasteberry) and Hylocereus polyrhizus (Dragon Fruit) were selected.
Coleus, sweet potato vine, Perilla, fibrous begonia and celosia all provide excellent landscape color without blooms.