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The role of SLRPs in arterial stiffening, as well as on regulating collagen fibril assembly and architecture, has been discussed in detail elsewhere [9], and their relationship to adventitial collagen fibril morphology and nanomechanics has recently been established [1].
Height and error images in 512 x 512 pixels were collected simultaneously after a second order flatten, local filtering, and noisy line erasing using AFM offline software NanoScopeAnalysis V1.10 (Bruker Co., Santa Barbara, CA) to collect data on D-spacing length (DSL) and roughness of collagen fibrils. All the data were obtained from two-factor cross interactions, and the significance level was set at 0.05.
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It may be that the incorporation of BAC upset the optimized monomer-solvent balance in the adhesive, thereby either hampering effective infiltration into and around the collagen fibrils [16] or interfering with the light-induced polymerization to decrease the degree of cure [35].
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auritum contains short, sparse collagen fibrils between the coiled fibers (Fig.
[21] showed that in the OA menisci there was a significant reduction in the average diameter of collagen fibrils and the percentage of area where these fibrils were placed, but at the same time there was an increase in the number of fibrils per unit of area.
The EDTA acts as a stabilizer of these collagen fibrils, while the mannitol provides physiologic osmolality.
Below that, there's the dermis, This layer is a complicated matrix of connective tissue, collagen fibrils and microfibrils.