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1. Biology a marking or structure resembling a collar, such as that found around the necks of some birds or at the junction of a stem and a root
2. a section of a shaft or rod having a locally increased diameter to provide a bearing seat or a locating ring
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a ring or similar device that holds a shaft in some position relative to a base for processing established during installation, such as an end or middle bearing of a transmission. Collars are fastened to the shaft on both sides of a bearing to prevent endwise motion. They also may be used in the throw-out of a friction clutch to maintain the proper release distance or in the feed mechanism of a drill for use in drilling blind holes to a specified depth. Collars are made of steel or pig iron.

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What does it mean when you dream about a collar?

Collars represent confinement and restraint (e.g., to “collar” someone). They also indicate completing or finishing something, as in putting the collar on a garment. Collars often are an indication of control (e.g., prisoners) or a token of subservience (e.g., slaves). This kind of dream may well describe a frustrated work situation or a confining relationship.

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(design engineering)
A ring placed around an object to restrict its motion, hold it in place, or cover an opening.
(mining engineering)
The mouth of a mine shaft.
(naval architecture)
An opening in the end or bight of a rope or cable supporting a mast that goes over the masthead.
A ring or loop of metal, rope, or other material, used to secure a heart or deadeye.
A fitting over a structural part passing through a bulkhead or deck.
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1. A metal cap flashing for a vent pipe projecting above a roof deck.
2. A raised band which encircles a metal shaft, a wood dowel, or a wooden leg.
3. A raised section to reinforce a metal weld.
5. The reinforcing metal of a nonpressure thermit weld.
6. Same as escutcheon.
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A long time passed away, then the collar came into the rag chest at the paper mill; there was a large company of rags, the fine by themselves, and the coarse by themselves, just as it should be.
"I have had such an immense number of sweethearts!" said the collar. "I could not be in peace!
And it became so, all the rags were turned into white paper; but the collar came to be just this very piece of white paper we here see, and on which the story is printed; and that was because it boasted so terribly afterwards of what had never happened to it.
There was once a fine gentleman, all of whose moveables were a boot-jack and a hair-comb: but he had the finest false collars in the world; and it is about one of these collars that we are now to hear a story.
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'The reflective surface is 360 degrees around the collar, making it visible at night from any angle, and they are available in three colours which are green, red and orange, however the main reflective surface is constant, clear and visible from a distance, said Mr Sassman.
workforce, blue collar jobs are growing at the fastest rate in nearly three-and-a-half decades, yet workers are scarcer than ever, maintain studies from The Washington Post and The Conference Board, respectively.
Through this definition Sutherland described this peculiar aspect that white collar crimes are committed by individuals/segments of all social and economic classes/tiers.
Popularly referred to as bishop collar, the mandarin collar works its own wonders.